Media partnership

We offer our media partnership for exhibitions, shows, contests, sports events, new literary publishings, workshops, seminars, expeditions or any other events connected with sailing and water sports.

Our offer:

  • information in our “Events” section,
  • preparation of received materials along with publishing them on our website,
  • a series of articles promoting your event, including information about the sponsors, photos, descriptions and event schedules,
  • logotype promoting the event in our “Partners” section,
  • publishing of press materials in all available languages provided on our website,
  • information about the event in our newsletter.

Our requirements:

  • including the logo of on press materials (tickets, posters, brochures, invitatios, event programme), along with information on the website,
  • accreditation along with the possibility of documentation of the event,
  • presentation of advertising materials (brochures, roll ups, banners) during the time of the event,
  • announcements about the media partnership during the event,
  • provide passes/tickets for events for contest winners of

For more details please contact our advertisement department at: